all at once or not at all

I always hear people say things seem to happen all at once or not at all. I generalized the statement a bit and it’s not always said exactly like that, but I’m sure you get the point. I’ve found time and time again, that it’s so true though. If positive things start to happen in my life, it seems like they all happen at once. They’re never spread out, they are occur right in a row. And it’s the same with negative things. They happen all at once. Whether it be deaths, money issues, family issues, or all of the above.

My most recent encounter with this was with guys. Either I go for months of not talking to any of the guys that I’ve either had relationships with in the past & not meeting any new guys that I try to pursue or all of the guys from my past try to get in contact with me and I also meet someone(s) new. In the past week or so, it’s been the latter option. Past love interests who I haven’t talked to in months all seem to be trying to get back in touch with me at the same time. The guy that I’m trying to get over and that lives 4 hours away from me has been in contact with me more in the past two weeks than he has at any point in the past 5 months. I finally met someone new who interests me and who I actually want to get to know more. I went from not talking to any guys at all to suddenly having my phone blowing up with text messages and snapchats of guys trying to hang out. It’s just so weird to me that it always happens like this. It’s like the guys in my life have a radar and can tell when I’m finally doing better and beginning to move on and they decide that they are all going to try and hinder me from doing so at the exact same time. Maybe it’s just the universe testing me. Either way, it’s weird that it always seems to happen like this.