girls do not dress for boys

One of my favorite things in the entire world is putting together cute outfits. I am absolutely obsessed with clothes and I usually get dressed up to go just about anywhere. I usually even make sure the clothes that I wear to the gym look good. Dressing nice and fashionably is just something that I’ve always adored doing. It truly makes me happier when I am wearing something that I like a lot. The look good, feel good effect.

Since it’s something that I feel passionately about and take a lot of pride in, it really aggravates me when someone see’s me and says “oh well who are you trying to impress?” Why can’t I just I be dressing to make myself feel good? Why does it have to be to impress other people? Specifically boys? If I was dressing for anyone besides myself it would be to impress other girls with my cute clothes and not guys.


It just really really bugs me that we live in a society that assumes women do everything to impress men.