maybe I just need more coffee

As of lately, I haven’t really been feeling like myself. I keep trying to be positive, but I’m stuck in a gloomy slump. I don’t feel excited about much and I feel as though I don’t really have anything to look forward to right now. I’m trying so hard to get out of it, because I really do have so much to be grateful for. It’s as if everything in my life went from great to just okay. I mean that’s not bad, but an okay life isn’t one that I want to live. I want to be bursting with happiness or at least some type of emotion. I want to live wildly. But lately it feels like I’m not really living, I’m just going through the days. I keep waiting for it to pass, but it has yet too. I randomly get in these slumps every couple of months where I just don’t feel like myself.


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