I’m blaming my problems on Mercury retrograde. Mature.

I’ve been working so much lately that I haven’t had the time to write. I’ve also made a lot more friends and have been going out with them quite often since school started back up. But basically my life has gotten a lot more confusing in the past month and I’m not as sure about everything as I was at the end of summer. Some of the people that I was closest with this summer have become so shady and have been lying and blowing me off. And I mean, I’m 22 years old. I’m at the point where if I feel like my relationship with someone isn’t contributing to my life positively or is making me constantly unhappy, then I’m going to try my best to let it go. I’m the type of person who cares deeply for the people around me and it’s not always easy to let people go, but if you push me far enough, I will cut you off. I still have a lot of friends who are great people, but I’m finding more and more that them people that I’ve met in college can’t relate to me on so many levels. They all come from such sheltered backgrounds, which isn’t their fault, but I still can’t stand how shallow they can sometimes be. Aside from all of that, I work so much that I feel like I don’t even have time to breathe sometimes. I love the people that I work with so it makes it bearable, but I’m so sick of being under appreciated for all of the time that I put in, especially when I’m the only one willing to do so. I just haven’t been feeling like myself lately. My energy has been down and I’m having trouble seeing the bright side of things. Being a big believer in astrology, I’ve been blaming it on Mercury being in retrograde. There’s only about a month more of that to go, so I’m hoping if I push through, things will get better. Here’s to hoping at least.


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