Day 10

I know I’ve slipped up and missed a couple of days on this blog challenge, but I always caught up within the next morning of doing so. Usually I get really sick of stuff like this, so I’m honestly really surprised that I’m still doing it. (It’s probably pretty obvious that I have some commitment issues.) But anyways, here I am on day 10 and the topic is what is my guilty pleasure. There are a lot of really weird things that I love, but I think that one of my biggest is the Rocky movie series. I  do not just like them, I absolutely love them. I’ve watched them all so many times that I have 2-3 of them basically memorized. Between my dad and my 3 older brothers, they watched them every time that they were on tv and I always watched them with them. I think the weirdest part about it is that I first starting loving them when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I have also always found Sylvester Stallone to be extremely attractive (wait not that’s probably the weirdest part about it all), so that also probably has a lot to do with it.



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