Blog Challenge, Day 1

I recently saw a blog challenge on one of the blogs that I follow and decided to do it because it will keep me writing everyday. The first topic is something that I write about quite often; my current relationship status.

I am not currently in a relationship. But I kind of am. I don’t know. It’s complicated?

So the guy that has me in my feels is currently living in Chicago; about 4 hours away from me. We met last October at the college that we both went to at the time, and have been seeing each other regularly since the end of November. We’ve never used labels and we’re very laid back with each other, but he’s still the only guy I’ve been seeing for the past 8 months or so. As far as I know, I’m the only girl that he’s seeing, but since we’ve never established that we’re fully committed to each other and I’ve never asked, I’m not positive. He’s everything that I’ve ever wanted in another person. He’s intelligent as hell, driven, successful, level headed, down to earth, he constantly makes me laugh, remembers the little details, is a great listener, so so handsome, and the sex is fantastic. But, it’s just not the right time for us to be together. I’m still finishing school and he’s working a 9 to 5 job in a city 4 hours away. I want to be with him, but it just doesn’t make sense right now. I hope that one day it will make sense and that we can be together, but now just isn’t the time. After school, I plan on moving out to Chicago to live with my sister for awhile before I get my own apartment in the city. Maybe then it could work out, but it’s not something that I’m counting on. I like him more than I like to admit, but for now, I’m trying to just go with it and whatever happens, happens.


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