A beautiful woman

I just watched a documentary on Amy Winehouse and I was immediately reminded of how much I love her. Her story is such a tragedy, but it’s so real. She was a real person who had real problems and still lived her life publicly, not giving a single care what anyone thought about it. I admire her so much for that. The fact that she was a addict makes her no less in my eyes. Having personally dealt with so many loved ones whose lives have been taken over by addiction, I feel her struggle. She wasn’t a celebrity who was fake in the public eye and worried about how others perceived her image, she did whatever the hell she wanted. Even if that was drugs and alcohol. She lived her life how she wanted and she loved so hard. tumblr_oau346oftm1uxofs8o1_500

If you’ve never listened to her music or you don’t know her story, I suggest you get informed on both. Her lyrics are beautiful and her voice is one of a kind. The love story between her and Blake Fielder is also beautiful, even though their relationship was incredibly toxic. They had the kind of love that neither of them could deny or live without and I think that’s something that everyone so desperately wants. She was so passionate about everything. Such a beautiful soul  she was.


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