happy national ice cream day to me?

I’ve written in my journal countless times about the last morning that we spent together. It was like a movie. We woke up from a long day before of doing nothing but watching movies and laughing at each other. We lay in your bed, naked, after just having had sex. You went and got the ice cream we had bought the night before during a late night Kroger run. I told you I didn’t care what flavor we got and you joke around naming the weirdest flavors that you could find asking if they were okay. We compromised on Neapolitan because we got a little of everything. Kind of like how I felt when I was with you. Anyways, that morning when we lay in your bed, you left your room and came back with that tub of ice cream and two spoons.. We lay in your bed and ate it together while we watched Bob’s Burgers together. It felt like we were 15 and I was falling in love for the first time. So happy and carefree, completely absorbed in my time with you and not thinking about all of the problems that I faced when I stepped back outside of your apartment. I was happy. I was where I wanted to be.

That was two months ago, but it feels like it was another life time ago because of how much everything has changed. You moved away and got swept up in your job and we’ve both changed so much in a short period of time that it’s like we’re strangers.

I’ve written about that day so many times because it’s one of our purest memories. We both were so happy and caught up in spending our last day together, that we ignored all of the signs of what was to come. I have always wondered if you remembered that day or if it stood out at all to you like it did to me. But I’ve never asked.

Today, my question was answered. You texted me out of nowhere and asked if I remembered that day. I said yes.

All I have wanted for the past month and a half was some kind of acknowledgment from  you that you hadn’t completely forgotten about me. But now that I got it, I think that I am realizing that I would have eventually been fine without it.


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