silver linings

One of my biggest goals for myself is to try to stay positive amidst all of the bad things that are going on. Whether there be two bad things or twenty. I decided to start making lists of all of the good in my life randomly. Here’s my first one.

Things to be happy about:

  • I got a new job and so far I really like it
  • I can see myself becoming great friends with the people that I work with
  • my skin is almost completely clear
  • my relationship with my older sister is better than ever
  • I’m finally starting to move on from the guy that I couldn’t stop thinking about all summer
  • I’m getting my tan back and everyone has been complimenting me on how good my skin looks
  • I’ve stopped putting up with inconsistent people in my life
  • I finally am realizing and going after what I deserve
  • I’m setting real goals for my future
  • I’m keeping my options open and trying to take more risks
  • Overall, I’m finally focusing on making myself happy

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