“when pennies or feathers appear…”

I’ve recently made a ton of changes in my life. Some have been small, while some have been huge. I got a new job. I am changing my major and career path my senior year of college. I chopped of 8 inches of my hair. I finally found the strength to move on from loving someone who doesn’t fully appreciate me. I’ve decided that it’s okay to spend the holiday weekend alone. The list goes on. Even though I know that this will all make me happier in the long run, change isn’t something that comes easy for me and I’ve been stressed out to the max wondering if I am making the right decisions. Half of the time I don’t even feel like I know what I really am doing with my life and feel like I am setting myself up for  failure. Then today at around 6 o’clock, I got a little sign that maybe I am on the right path.

I found two feathers in my living room. I have been living alone for the past two months, have not gone outside today or had any windows and doors open, and I have been in my living room since noon. Then suddenly I look over and there are two white fluffy feathers laying 3 feet across from me. One under a painting on my wall and one at the foot of my couch. I had an unusual and explanatory feeling about where they came from. Then I googled, “I found two feathers.” According to hundreds of people, this is a sign from an angel that they are with you, you are on the right path, or that they are there to help. This probably sounds insane or really silly to a lot of people. It even sounds a little silly to me. I mean, I wouldn’t even consider myself a very spiritual person. But as bad as things have been going in my life this summer, and then for them to suddenly change like that have been in the past week or two, it just makes sense to me. Not to mention the fact that there is literally no where where they could have logically came from.

Maybe I’m crazy. Or maybe it really is a sign. Maybe I really am finally headed in the right direction and that my life is about to get a lot better. Either way, I am hopeful.


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