Little things in life that make you happy

We’ve all heard it a million times; it’s the little things in life that make you happy. No matter how cliche and over played this may sound, I’ve found almost as many times as I’ve heard it. This is a list of  little things that always make seem to make me happy on some level.


  • When I pour just the right amount of creamer in my coffee and it tastes exactly like I had hoped
  • Waking up in the morning with the sun pouring in through my window on a day when it was supposed to rain
  • Having a good hair day. Bonus points if someone points it out
  • Buying something at a store and finding out that it’s on sale when you get to checkout
  • Kissing someone after wanting to do it for a very long time
  • When you have to call the gas company because they messed up your bill and the customer service rep is actually extremely nice and understanding
  • Finding money in an old bag or  pair of pants
  • When someone compliments your cooking
  • Waking up dreading having to go to class only to find out that it’s been canceled
  • When someone calls you simply because they thought of you and wanted to tell you something
  • When someone else buys you drinks at the bar
  • When you get in the car and your favorite song comes on the radio or on shuffle on your phone
  • Coming home after a long say to a package in the mail
  • Sensing a certain smell and it taking you back to an exact memory of your past, whether it be something from your childhood or the first time you fell in love
  • Finally getting to lay down in your bed after a long day
  • Fresh Flowers. Whether it be flowers in a vase from my mom’s garden on our kitchen table or just wild flowers that I see walking to class, their beauty just makes me feel at ease
  • Trying on an old pair of jeans to find that they still fit or that they fit again
  • When it’s raining and someone offers to share their umbrella
  • When someone truly understands what you’re feeling
  • Hearing a teacher or a person in higher authority curse or witness them make a silly mistake and realize that they’re just as human as you are
  • Running into an old friend and feeling like nothing has changed
  • When someone texts you just to make sure that you got home okay
  •  That first sip of cold water after a hard workout
  • Hearing your mom, or anyone extremely close to you, telling you that everything will be okay
  • When you realize how pretty the sunset is
  • Finally realizing that something that used to bother you or have a hold on you no longer does at all

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