It will all be okay.

Very few things are more crushing than having to let go of someone who you really care about. Especially when you know that said person has potential to be someone great in your life. Aside from all of the sadness that this can cause, I’ve come to find something positive out of this kind of situation. It’s so easy to think that when you’re in love, “if this ends, i’ll never find anyone like them ever again.” However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. See, I’ve been in love before and it didn’t work out and I’ve had this exact same thought. And I’ve come to find out that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. You won’t find someone exactly like them, but instead, if you give love another chance, you’ll find someone better. I’ve been to the point where I thought that I wouldn’t be able to happy again without someone, and the fact of the matter is, I’ve been happier without them.

So maybe that’s why I’m not so upset about us not working out. Yeah, I know that you’re special. I know that you’re one of the good ones. I know that guys who are as brutally honest as you are, are rare. That the way you pay attention to the small details of things when we’re together and the happiness spending time with you brings me is not all that common. But I know that us not working out is not the end of the world. I know that eventually we will both forget about all of the inside jokes and how wasting time together feels more important than doing anything else. You’ll forget the light brownish green color of my eyes, and I’ll forget the way it feels when I run my fingers through your thick black curls. But that’s okay. Because we’ll both find other people who will make us forget. You’ll finally feel comfortable settling down and giving someone your all and I’ll find someone who appreciates me the way that you do when you let down your walls. We will both be happy, and it won’t be with each other. No matter how great someone is, getting over them is always possible. The way that you have touched my life will stay with me forever. I will never fully forget you, and you’ve taught me one of the greatest lessons in our short 6 months together. You taught me that I deserve better. I deserve someone as good as you.


Even though a lot of the details about what made us “us” will be forgotten. I hope you do remember some things. I hope that you think back to your last year of college and think of the night I met you at the bar and laughed all night with you. I hope that when you watch a Matthew McConaughey movie, you smile to yourself and think of the time you made me watch 3 in row while you slept. And as far as my part goes, I know that whenever I see someone eating nutella, I’ll think about how you put it on everything. Whenever I hear about the Cubs winning a game, I’ll smile because I know how happy you are about it, wherever you are in the world.  I felt more in our short time together than I even did in past relationships that lasted 2 or more years. But that’s what made us beautiful.

We were never in love, but I know that if fate hadn’t played tricks on us and if we met at the right time, then we could have been. When I think about you, I think “damn. why couldn’t I have met him one year earlier?” But the truth is, if I had met you earlier, it wouldn’t have been the same. We wouldn’t have been who we were a year later. So the more I think about it, maybe this was our right time. Maybe we were just both meant to be a lesson in each others lives. That we were both meant to show each other that another person could still make us feel whole again, even after we had been hurt and had no luck in love before. So when it comes to my lesson, thank you for teaching me not to settle.Thank you for showing me how much more I really deserve. And that when things don’t work out, we owe it to ourselves to move on. That no matter what life throws at us, we deserve to be happy.


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