How Going Away For College Helped Me Grow Up

I always forget how much I’ve grown as a person in the past couple of years until I am reunited with old friends from my hometown that never moved away. I’m not trying to throw shade or talk down on any of them, it’s just the truth. And i’m not saying that they haven’t grown as people as well, they definitely have, just in different ways. Moving away and being completely on my own not only made me mature within a matter of months, but it also made me become an extremely open minded person moving to such a diverse city. I am personally so proud of myself for branching out so much and trying so many new things in the past year or two. Especially for how shy of a person I tend to be. I’ve grown out of the mindsets that I once had in high school and I’ve developed views different from those of my parents or the strict religion that I grew up in. I’ve became my own person.


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